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Clifton Business Listing Categories

All Star Plumbing Co
Heating Contractors
P.O. BOX 52, Clifton, ID 83228-0052

Phone: (208) 747-3771  (208) 747-3771
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Church Of Jesus Christ Of Lds
170 W 1st N, Clifton, ID 83228-0000

Phone: (208) 747-3238  (208) 747-3238
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Clark Cox
Corn Farm
8949 N Church St, Clifton, ID 83228-5012

Phone: (208) 747-3564  (208) 747-3564
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Clifton City Office
Government Offices, City, Village & Township
175 W Center, Clifton, ID 83228-0000

Phone: (208) 747-3030  (208) 747-3030
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Clifton First Ward
Retreat Houses
170 S 1st W, Clifton, ID 83228-5051

Phone: (208) 747-3238  (208) 747-3238
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Clifton Second Ward
Retreat Houses
170 W 1 N, Clifton, ID 83228

Phone: (208) 747-3441  (208) 747-3441
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D & T Electric
Electrical Contractor
3943 N Westside Hwy, Clifton, ID 83228-5080

Phone: (208) 747-3276  (208) 747-3276
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Dairy Systems Co
Dairy Equipment & Supplies, Manufacturers
110 N Main Hwy, Clifton, ID 83228-5029

Phone: (208) 747-3333  (208) 747-3333
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EZ Enterprises
Highway, Street Construction
5772 W On N St, Clifton, ID 83228

Phone: (208) 747-3074  (208) 747-3074
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Fuller Foods
General Store Retail Fuels, Hotels & General Contractors
P.O. BOX 64, Clifton, ID 83228-0064

Phone: (208) 747-3446  (208) 747-3446
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Indian Knoll Elk Ranch
139 E 2nd S, Clifton, ID 83228-0000

Phone: (208) 747-3363  (208) 747-3363
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Mountain West Design Inc
Retail Lumber, Building Materials, Misc Merchandise
5799 N Westside Hwy, Clifton, ID 83228-5021

Phone: (208) 747-3143  (208) 747-3143
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Penrod Auto
Retail Used Automobiles
112 S Main Hwy, Clifton, ID 83228

Phone: (208) 747-3968  (208) 747-3968
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Ted Rice
Field Crop Farm
570 S Main Hwy, Clifton, ID 83228-5092

Phone: (208) 747-3958  (208) 747-3958
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Val Westover
500 N Main Hwy, Clifton, ID 83228-5090

Phone: (208) 747-3021  (208) 747-3021
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Thu, 17 Jul 2014 01:42:42 GMT
Raising Stakes on Russia, US Adds Sanctions - New York Times
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Mon, 14 Jul 2014 18:57:45 GMT
WTO rules against US in trade spat with China and India - BBC News
The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has found the United States violated global trade rules when it imposed tariffs on products from China and India. In response to a 2012 complaint, the WTO said the US improperly imposed tariffs on Chinese steel and .US loses to China in WTO trade disputeDeutsche WelleWTO tells US to reconsider solar panel tariffseco-business.comWTO faults US over duties on Chinese, Indian steel goodsReuters IndiaU.S. News & World Reportall 219 news articles .

Sat, 28 Jun 2014 00:05:50 GMT
WASHINGTON —. The World Cup enters its third week of competition with the United States advancing to the next round. Spirited play by the Americans has already generated a lot of new fans in the U.S. But it's not just football (soccer) fans now raving . .

Fri, 18 Jul 2014 20:05:48 GMT
The US Team Ran The Farthest Of Any Country At The World Cup - Business Insider
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