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Coeur D'Alene Tribal School
30 Moctelme St, Desmet, ID 83824-0000

Phone: (208) 686-5808  (208) 686-5808
Phone: (208) 686-5080  (208) 686-5080
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Daman Brothers
Wholesale Livestock, Beef Cattle, Except Feedlot
1586 Sheep Creek Rd, Desmet, ID 83824-9703

Phone: (208) 274-5333  (208) 274-5333
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Ds Trucking
Trucking Company Engaged In Hauling Contractor Specialities
3167 Desmet Rd, Desmet, ID 83824-9403

Phone: (208) 274-5631  (208) 274-5631
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Gil Fritsche Logging Inc
Logging Companies
RR 1 Box 260, Desmet, ID 83824-0000

Phone: (208) 274-2202  (208) 274-2202
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Horlacher Trucking
Trucking Company Engaged In Hauling Contractor Specialities
375793 Highway 95, Desmet, ID 83824-9716

Phone: (208) 274-3981  (208) 274-3981
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Iron Mountain Construction
Single Family House Construction
445 Iron Mountain Ln, Desmet, ID 83824-9408

Phone: (208) 274-2254  (208) 274-2254
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Michael L Elwell
Manufacturing Musical Instruments
2290 Desmet Rd, Desmet, ID 83824-9404

Phone: (208) 274-2043  (208) 274-2043
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Pigeon Hollow Farms
Trucking, Motor Freight
1081 Mail Route Rd, Desmet, ID 83824-0000

Phone: (208) 268-2371  (208) 268-2371
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Sacred Heart Mission
Retreat Houses
P.O. BOX 306, Desmet, ID 83824-0306

Phone: (208) 274-5871  (208) 274-5871
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Sacred Heart Mission
149 Byrnes Ave, Desmet, ID 83824-9996

Phone: (208) 274-5871  (208) 274-5871
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US Post Office
Post Offices
111 Byrnes Ave, Desmet, ID 83824-9996

Phone: (208) 274-6461  (208) 274-6461
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Usa Business

Thu, 17 Apr 2014 18:10:28 GMT
Nik Freeman has created an awesome map that shows the areas in the U.S. where absolutely no one lives. Using statistics from the . “The United States consists of 11,078,300 Census Blocks,” Freeman explained on his Tumblr. “Of them, 4,871,270 blocks . .

Sun, 20 Apr 2014 14:51:33 GMT
ACCRA ( - ) - A U.S.-flagged plane which landed at an airport in the Iranian capital Tehran last week was carrying business executives from Ghana and did not flout international laws, according to the mining firm which leased it. The New York Times . .

Tue, 22 Apr 2014 20:23:39 GMT
AIBTM a leading global exhibition for the U.S. meetings and events industry, has confirmed that major industry players have signed up, confirming their participation at the 2014 show, which is set to take place 10th – 12th June at the Orange County .

Tue, 22 Apr 2014 20:53:03 GMT
"The Federal Reserve recently hinted at continuing a monetary policy that will promote a sustained low interest rate environment, which is giving the business community a reason to feel confident about the overall trajectory of the U.S. economy," ELFA . .

Wed, 16 Apr 2014 16:28:23 GMT
The US is an oligarchy, study concludes -
The theory of "biased pluralism" that the Princeton and Northwestern researchers believe the US system fits holds that policy outcomes "tend to tilt towards the wishes of corporations and business and professional associations." The study comes in the .It's Official: Scientific Study Shows that the US Is an Oligarchy NOT a DemocracyCenter for Research on GlobalizationStudy: The US Is an OligarchyGawker​Oligarchy, not democracy: Americans have 'near-zero' input on policy – reportRTPolicyMicall 39 news articles .

Fri, 11 Apr 2014 23:34:23 GMT
G20 nations side against US on IMF changes - USA TODAY
BBC News - WASHINGTON — Finance chiefs from the world's largest economies lined up against the U.S. on Friday, stepping up pressure on the International Monetary Fund's most powerful member to sign off on a long-stalled pact to boost the IMF's ability to rescue .US urges countries to help Ukraine's economic rescueBBC Newsall 959 news articles .

Wed, 23 Apr 2014 16:45:05 GMT
General Dynamics, which makes Gulfstream business jets, tanks and U.S. warships, raised its guidance for 2014 earnings per share by nearly 4 percent after posting higher-than-expected earnings and revenues in the first quarter. Its shares were up 3.6 . .

Fri, 04 Apr 2014 19:59:00 GMT
Exclusive: Enbridge plans to re-export Canadian oil via United States - Reuters
Financial Post- - ReutersTO) has obtained a license to re-export Canadian oil from the United States, becoming the first company to publicly confirm a move that could fuel debate over U.S. trade policy and oil sands pipelines. U.S. subsidiary Tidal Energy Marketing has a .Exclusive: Enbridge first to confirm re-exports of Canadian crude via USChicago Tribuneall 53 news articles .

Wed, 23 Apr 2014 08:51:24 GMT
Canada's middle class richest in study of big nations - The findings show that median per-capita income in Canada, after tax, matched that of the Americans in 2010 at $18,700 (U.S.), However, as the report noted, it has probably increased since. (As economics professor Anke Kessler of Simon Fraser .

Fri, 04 Apr 2014 21:56:19 GMT
Recognizing the central role of the private sector in creating economic growth, the United States and Tunisia will organize a U.S.-Maghreb Entrepreneurship Conference this fall in Tunis that will bring a high-level U.S. business and government . . Printer Ink Sale
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