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Amazonia Business Listing Categories

Aborn Upholstery
Automobile Body, Repairing & Painting
P.O. BOX 68, Amazonia, MO 64421-0068

Phone: (816) 475-2371  (816) 475-2371
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Aguiar Ag Group Inc
Transportation Consultants
7860 County Road 418, Amazonia, MO 64421-8108

Phone: (816) 475-4264  (816) 475-4264
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Amazonia Elementary School
845 6th St, Amazonia, MO 64421-8149

Phone: (816) 475-2161  (816) 475-2161
Phone: (816) 475-2504  (816) 475-2504
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Amazonia Elementary School
P.O. BOX 38, Amazonia, MO 64421-0038

Phone: (816) 475-2161  (816) 475-2161
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Amazonia Lions Club
Fraternal Organizations
4th & Hackberry, Amazonia, MO 64421-0000

Phone: (816) 475-4108  (816) 475-4108
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Amazonia United Methodist
Retreat Houses
509 Spring St, Amazonia, MO 64421-9198

Phone: (816) 475-2200  (816) 475-2200
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Bruce Clouse
General Crop Farm
14451 County Road 410, Amazonia, MO 64421-9146

Phone: (816) 475-4202  (816) 475-4202
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C F Schweizer & Sins Inc
Soybean Farm
7880 State Route T, Amazonia, MO 64421-9181

Phone: (816) 475-3061  (816) 475-3061
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C J Bullock
Field Crop Farm
14686 County Road 402, Amazonia, MO 64421-8139

Phone: (816) 475-3144  (816) 475-3144
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Cingular Wireless
Cellular Telephones, Services
7480 Private Drive 4162, Amazonia, MO 64421-9114

Phone: (816) 475-4303  (816) 475-4303
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Concrete Solutions
Concrete Contractor, Single Family Construction
325 Main St, Amazonia, MO 64421-9200

Phone: (816) 475-2201  (816) 475-2201
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Custom Exteriors
Siding Contractors
501 Main St, Amazonia, MO 64421-0000

Phone: (816) 475-4404  (816) 475-4404
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Discount Auto Salvage
Automobile Wrecking, Wholesale
Route 2, Amazonia, MO 64421-0000

Phone: (816) 475-2025  (816) 475-2025
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Donnie Strasser
Soybean Farm
7999 Private Drive 4202, Amazonia, MO 64421-8111

Phone: (816) 475-4211  (816) 475-4211
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Dwayne Hubbard
Corn Farm
9395 State Route T, Amazonia, MO 64421-9191

Phone: (816) 475-2762  (816) 475-2762
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Edwards Enterprises
Local Trucking Operator Trucking Operator, Nonlocal
3501 County Road 400, Amazonia, MO 64421-9204

Phone: (816) 475-4751  (816) 475-4751
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Freedom Mech Rsdential AC Services
Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning Contractor
4601 State Route T, Amazonia, MO 64421-8124

Phone: (816) 365-6488  (816) 365-6488
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Gerald McCush
Soybean Farm
RURAL ROUTE 1 BOX 135, Amazonia, MO 64421

Phone: (816) 475-2321  (816) 475-2321
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Herzog Contracting Corp
Asphalt & Asphalt Products
9355 State Route T, Amazonia, MO 64421-9191

Phone: (816) 475-4109  (816) 475-4109
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Snack Products
12751 Country Pl, Amazonia, MO 64421

Phone: (816) 364-1600  (816) 364-1600
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Home Remedies
Single Family House Construction, Trade Contractor, Carpets
13658 County Road 403, Amazonia, MO 64421-9155

Phone: (816) 475-2013  (816) 475-2013
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Hunt Orchard
Fruit Tree Orchard Wholesale Groceries
14615 State Route K, Amazonia, MO 64421-9112

Phone: (816) 475-3441  (816) 475-3441
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Hunts Grandview Orchard
Grove & Orchard Management
14615 State Route K, Amazonia, MO 64421-9112

Phone: (816) 475-3441  (816) 475-3441
Phone: (816) 475-3441  (816) 475-3441
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Ideker Inc
Highway, Street Construction, Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning Contractor
9355 State Route T, Amazonia, MO 64421-9191

Phone: (816) 475-4606  (816) 475-4606
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Island Marina
15333 Private Rd, Amazonia, MO 64421-0000

Phone: (816) 475-2010  (816) 475-2010
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