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Allison Butane & Equipment Co
Gasoline & Oil, Wholesale
301 N Wheeler Ave, Allison, TX 79003-0000

Phone: (806) 375-2415  (806) 375-2415
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Allison County Barn
Government Offices, County
County Line Rd, Allison, TX 79003-0000

Phone: (806) 375-2145  (806) 375-2145
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Allison Ind School District
P.O. BOX 50, Allison, TX 79003-0050

Phone: (806) 375-2381  (806) 375-2381
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Allison Main Office
Us Postal Service
P.O. BOX 7000, Allison, TX 79003

Phone: (806) 375-2236  (806) 375-2236
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Allison United Methodist Church
Lee Av, Allison, TX 79003-0000

Phone: (806) 375-2572  (806) 375-2572
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Begert Ranch
Cattle Ranching
P.O. BOX 110, Allison, TX 79003-0110

Phone: (806) 375-2346  (806) 375-2346
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Boydstons Oilfield Services
Oil, Gas Field Services
P.O. BOX 118, Allison, TX 79003-0118

Phone: (806) 375-2339  (806) 375-2339
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Butane Allison & Equipment Co
Bulk Fuel Distribution
P.O. BOX 56, Allison, TX 79003-0056

Phone: (806) 375-2415  (806) 375-2415
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Fort Elliott Cisd
300 W 2nd St, Allison, TX 79003-0000

Phone: (806) 375-2381  (806) 375-2381
Phone: (806) 375-2335  (806) 375-2335
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Fort Elliott Eidc
200 W 2nd St, Allison, TX 79003-0000

Phone: (806) 375-2433  (806) 375-2433
Phone: (806) 375-2335  (806) 375-2335
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Forward Livestock
Livestock, Dealers, Wholesale
Fm 1046, Allison, TX 79003-0000

Phone: (806) 375-2466  (806) 375-2466
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Hall Farm
Livestock Specializing In Seed Stock Services
P.O. BOX 46, Allison, TX 79003-0046

Phone: (806) 468-6307  (806) 468-6307
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Horace Humble's Hair
Beauty Salons
Fm 277, Allison, TX 79003-0000

Phone: (806) 375-2521  (806) 375-2521
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Jim Donaldson
Cattle Feedlot
P.O. BOX 186, Allison, TX 79003-0186

Phone: (806) 375-2437  (806) 375-2437
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Miller Domer
Field Crop Farm
P.O. BOX 24, Allison, TX 79003-0024

Phone: (806) 375-2550  (806) 375-2550
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Richard Keker
Cattle Ranching
P.O. BOX 75, Allison, TX 79003-0075

Phone: (806) 375-2388  (806) 375-2388
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Shelton Ranch
Cattle Ranching
P.O. BOX 70, Allison, TX 79003-0070

Phone: (806) 565-4636  (806) 565-4636
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United Pentecostal Church
104 W Main St, Allison, TX 79003-0000

Phone: (806) 375-2211  (806) 375-2211
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Sat, 16 Aug 2014 19:10:37 GMT
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Business Insider - The United States stock market looks very expensive right now. The CAPE ratio, a stock-price measure I helped develop — is hovering at a worrisome level. I wrote with some concern about the high ratio in this space a little over a year ago, when it .Mark Lennihan/APBusiness Insiderall 18 news articles .

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US stocks rally to end lackluster week amid market drops elsewhere over ... - Minneapolis Star Tribune - NEW YORK — A burst of buying Friday in U.S. stocks defied slumps in other markets and offered hope for investors shaken by geopolitical turmoil. Major U.S. stock indexes closed up around 1 percent, buoyed by signs that tensions in Ukraine might be .US stocks gain despite global market declinesThe Japan NewsMarket Rises on Hint of Easing Tension in UkraineNew York Timesall 358 news articles .

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George Soros bets $2B-plus on stock market collapse: industry insiders - Washington Times
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Robert Shiller warns us in the New York Times about the potential risks of high stock market valuations in the US. According to Shiller "the United States stock market looks very expensive right now". Brad DeLong and Dean Baker disagree with Shiller . .

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U.S. stock markets bucked the trend Friday as investors snapped up shares that had been beaten down in recent days. The buying surged late in the day on reports that Russia had ended military exercises near Ukraine. The Dow Jones industrial average . .

Wed, 20 Aug 2014 04:30:48 GMT
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Asian stocks were steady on Wednesday after strong U.S. housing data lifted Wall Street shares, helping nudge Treasury yields higher and keeping the dollar well bid against the euro and yen. Global equities have attracted funds in recent sessions on . .

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Brian Reynolds, chief market strategist at Rosenblatt Securities in New York, believes tech, healthcare and large-cap biotechs are in position to lead the U.S. stock market higher for the next several weeks. He sees the S& P 500 rising on Monday if .Fall, Then Shrug at Ukraine IncursionNew York Timesall 449 news articles .

Mon, 18 Aug 2014 21:16:29 GMT
His mission is nothing less than to change the way U.S. stock markets function. That reformist zeal led to a starring turn in Flash Boys, where Michael Lewis chronicled troubling tactics used by some high-frequency traders and Mr. Katsuyama's quest for . .

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The case to sell stocks: The pessimistic view is convincing if you look at world news. Russia and the West continue to squabble over Ukraine, Israel and Hamas don't have a permanent ceasefire, and the United States is conducting airstrikes in Iraq in . .